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MiDAS ( An Introduction)

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MEEP (Minibus Emergency Evacuation Procedures)

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Driver Training and Assessment. MiDAS Minibus Training Providers.Training for Trainers, Drivers and Passenger Assistants.

Defensive and Advanced Driver Training

CTA MiDAS (Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme) Training Agents

MiDAS (PATs) Passenger Assistant Training Agents

MiDAS Car And MPV Training Agents

Community Driver Scheme Trainers

Minibus Emergency Evacuation Procedures Training Agents

MiDAS 5 Steps To Safety Evacuation course Training Agents

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Member of:

The Community Transport Association and the Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers.

Driver Development

A range of tailored courses for company defensive/advanced driver training and the management of occupational road risk. MiDAS minibus training a speciality,drivers or Driver Assessor Trainers (we come to you if required,with or without a minibus) PCV and LGV training undertaken in your own vehicles. PCV D1 (minibus) licence training in your vehicle or with vehicle supplied.

Our next MiDAS Driver Assessor Trainer (DAT) course(s) will commence on 19th January 2015
DAT refresher course(s) are available Thursday 15th January 2015
A MPV Observers Course will commence on ???
A PATS refresher course will commence on Thursday 19th February 2015
A PATS Trainer course will commence on ?????
A DAT to PAT's trainer conversion course is available on ???
A DAT to MPV observer conversion course is available on ???
A DAT or PAT 5 Steps trainers course is available on \???
A MPV refresher course will take place on ???

Please contact us for other possible dates or for single organisation training.

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BURWELL ..B & B and other info


We are able to undertake the 5 Steps to Safety MiDAS evacuation course for both drivers/passenger assistants and Trainers.


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